XHuman2027 Venues

#Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven Venues Venues will be globally scattered, but interconnected. Some will be organising a full three-day programme, others may simply offer one session. The list of local venues for Exponentially Human (XHuman) 2027 will grow as more people find out about it and decide to get involved. **Present Realities (2017)** “No man is an island” and we all have different connections and networks. The Internet is making it easier for such networks to grow rapidly and to connect people across the globe who will never meet face to face. This is happening at an ever increasing rate. We all have different experiences of this so I’ll illustrate it from my personal situation now and over the past year or so (this is Pamela McLean writing) I live in London, where I belong to various groups and attend their events. I’m also active in groups online. I belong to some groups in my local area that I discovered in local ways before they were online (but most of them are more visible online now was well). I belong to groups in London that I would never have found without the Internet, many of them are meet-up groups. The online community of practice I was contributing to most actively over the last twelve months was the Teal for Startups group, especially the wealth stream. I don’t know where all the people were based geographically, but I am aware of some in UK/Western Europe, some in USA/Canada and some in Autralia/NewZealand (I’m more aware of the time zone differences than the exact geographical locations) Now my online connections are mostly with long established connections of my own (mainly in East and West Africa, UK/Europe and USA/Canada), recent connections through my studies with u.lab (UK, Mexico and Brazil), and though my involvement with FEAST (a rapidly evolving and geographically scattered group, probably best followed closer to its source). The social media channels I use are FaceBook (which has just reminded me that I’ve been there for ten years) and Twitter. Many groups I belong to (which I’ve found in various ways) use Facebook groups to keep in touch, or as their main meeting place. I admit that both Facebook and Google ‘have got me in their clutches”. I depend on them for the way I live a large part of my life. - See Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven for more information about the event and its origins.

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