XHuman2027 Planning

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#Planning Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven *Here are some starting points so we all have the same general idea*

**Overview of the Event** At Exponentially Human TwentyTwenty-Seven there will be conference sessions (plus specialist XHuman2017 Working Groups, workshops, exhibitions and more) leading up to a final party **The party** The party will include the official launch of a multi-media publication-and-immersive-experience called The Exponential Leap 2017-2027 (created by working groups in the Exponentially Human Network from their joint work between 2017 and 2027). - See Exponential Leap Publication

**Logistics of the Conference and the Celebratory Party** Individuals and groups that are aligned with the objectives and values of the XHuman 2027 event will come together as a community of purpose to arrange the global event. It will combine events organised by groups that do meet locally with events organised by groups that only meet in the cloud. Participants at Exponentially Human (XHuman) Twenty Twenty-Seven will choose from a mixture of local events and online events. It will be possible to join online events without being part of a local group - but it won’t be the full experience. - See XHuman2027 Logistics

**Venues** Venues will be globally scattered, but interconnected. Some venues will be organising a full three-day programme, others may simply offer one session, or just join in online sessions that others have organised. - See XHuman2027 Venues

**The (un)conference and working-group sessions** If you’ve seen the way that content collects for any unconference you’ll know that what is written in advance will simply be seeding the programme, and it will continue to grow and take shape right up to the time of the event itself. The connecting thread and focus for the unconference and working-group sessions will be their relationship to “The Leap’ (see the Exponential Leap Publication). The details of everything will be influenced by social, technological, financial, ecological and political changes that happen between now and 2027.

**Managing the planning** One of the challenges of organising Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven is getting the right mixture of freedom, accountability and structure, because it is something that requires shared vision combined with autonomous action, carried out by a widely distributed team. - See XHumam2027 Managing Planning

**Date** Exponentially Human 2027 is planned for September 2027 from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th. - See XHuman2027 Date for confirmation.

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