XHuman2027 FAQs

#Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven FAQs *Pamela McLean is responsible for content here*

#Is the Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven Event real? Yes. I have it in my diary, and intend to participate. Other people are also starting to put in in their diaries. - For an overview of the event see XHuman2027 Planning. - To learn how it started as fiction, but has become fact. See Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven

#Is "The Exponential Leap Publication" real? Yes, the Exponential Leap Publication is already a "work in progress". But the different elements don't connect up in an obvious way yet. The connections will become more evident as we get closer to 2027.

#Are there any agreed leaders for sessions or workshops? Yes. Obviously XHuman 2027 is some time ahead but when I was first playing with the idea I asked some of my contacts to write me a brief outline of the sessions they would imagine leading at XHuman2027. I will ask others later (and will put out a general invitation for relevant sessions) and will gradually announce them here.

# Can I arrange a local XHuman 2027 event? Yes. The minimum requirements to run your event are: - A location where as few as two people (or as many as a whole unconference full of people) can meet face-to-face and can also connect with others at a distance (in a 2027 version of how we currently "meet at a distance" using our smart phones or other devices that access the Internet). - Events related to the Exponentially Human theme organised within the date range of 16-18 September 2017. - At least one face-to-face session - whatever is appropriate to the group's size and interests; conversation / workshop / demonstration / open-space etc. - At least one "fluid walls session" where people can connect with your event at a distance. - At least one session when you connect with a "fluid wall session" arranged by some other Exponentially Human 2027 group. - Optional but strongly encouraged - a celebratory party including the local launch of "Exponentially Human" - which ideally will include something contributed by you and/or your group any time between now and then.

#How do Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven and FEAST relate to each other? **FEAST in 2017** XH2027is planned as a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Exponentially Human to be held in September 2027. Ten years earlier in September 2017 FEAST will be happening for the first time. FEAST in September 2017 can be thought of as the first prototype of the XH2027 event.

XH2027 will be a three-day event, starting with serious workshops etc and ending with a celebratory party. There will be a mixture of face-to-face events and "fluid wall" events i.e. events where people "beyond the wells" of the venue can access it at a distance thanks to the internet.

- The plans for FEAST 2017 overlap the elements for XH2027above as outlined below: - FEAST is a celebration related to local communities, podcasts, community radio, and the Internet. - FEAST has a local (face-to-face) element and an Intenert radio "at a distance" element. - FEAST.fm will broadcasts some programmes that are mostly music and some that are mostly voice. - FEAST is a mixture of festival and conference. **For more about FEAST see:** - FEAST - FEAST is a Festival - FEAST is a Conference

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