XHuman2017 Working Groups

*Pamela McLean is responsible for content here*

#Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven Working Groups Working groups will be an important element of XHuman 2027. It is their work that will be feeding into the Exponential Leap Publication in the years leading up to 2027 (with the deadline of the launch party on September 18th).

#Fluid structures The working groups will be very fluid in their structure, and regarding who contributes, and how and when. Each working group will have a particular topic (or "stream") that attracts people to study and contribute. The topics may get redefined over time. Some of the early content (leading edge in its time) may be seen as a historical archive by the time of the launch. People will contribute their time freely, and will bring their life experience, their knowledge (and people in their networks) to enrich the content.

#Starting points XHuman can be seen as a dance between the present and 2027, and it's never too early to join in. For instance, I anticipate a future which is more collaborative.

I'll encourage people working towards that end to feed their interests and expertise into appropriate working groups as soon as they feel inclined. I'll also invite them, or someone they nominate nearer to time, to lead a session at the conference.

It will be similar with other topics of streams of interest.

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