Welcome to Exponentially Human

*Pamela McLean is responsible for content here*

#The screen display looks odd (on a laptop or tablet) ... Don't worry..... Perhaps you were expecting to find an ordinary website. This is something different. - Click the Not a Website link to find out more, and get some hints on finding your way around.

#What this site is "about" Exponentially Human is about linking the present and the future, and having a vision to help us get to a future we are hoping for.

#Sharing our journeys to the future Exponentially Human is part of Pamela's personal journey into the future, along with various friends and contacts. You are invited to come along too.

#Practical action This is an action oriented site. Our future focus is on a genuine three-day event to be held in September Twenty Twenty-Seven. We aren't expecting Utopia by 2027 but we are expecting significant changes, and at the event we're planning to celebrate the changes that have taken us closer to our preferred vision for the future.

The event is called "Exponentially Human 2027" (the name is explained here - Name Exponentially Human)

#Exploring the "Landscape of Change" The only thing that seems certain about the future is that things are changing and will continue to change. We are living our lives in a "Landscape of Change". Visionary people and organisations are exploring different possible futures. Some of those futures are ones we hope to celebrate in the 2027 event.

#A future worth celebrating People have different hopes, values and viewpoints. I know that you and I may not have the same idea of a better future. But perhaps there is plenty of overlap. If so, you may like to head in the same direction as me, and various explorers and pioneers in the Landscape of Change. Let's take steps in a future direction where it makes sense to be celebrating changes in 2027

#Look around and think about participating You are invited to look around. If you like the direction we're going, and the things we hope to be celebrating in 2027, now is a good time to be thinking ahead about your involvement in the 2027 celebrations and the preparations for them.

#Start reading about Exponentially Human here - Introduction to Exponentially Human

#If you've been here before You may like to go straight to the links below. Note **XH2027** is short for **Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven** - XHuman2027 FAQs - XHuman2027 Planning: for an overview of the Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven event - XHuman2027 Venues - XHuman2017 Working Groups - Exponential Leap Publication Something special that we'll be lanching - Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven; A mixture of fact and fiction