Pamela McLean

I've been interested in the relationship between people and computers since the 1970s, when I did an Open University Course that introduced me to systems thinking and to computers.

My first computer was an Exidy Sorcerer. wiki

I used it to explore some ideas I had about how computers might improve my working life as an infant teacher (I loved the creative side of my work, but not the routine stuff. I had been told that computers were good at routine repetitive tasks, so it seemed that computers and I could strike up a useful working relationship).

That interest took me away from classroom teaching, and in some unexpected directions.

All these years later I'm still exploring the relationship between people and digital technology, strongly influenced by systems thinking and my own experiences of life.

My fascination with that relationship between people and digital technology is how I came to develop the ideas behind Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven which in turn led me to involvement with David Bovill and FEAST and also to my current experiments here with the federated wiki as an online home for my content.

FEAST is a global decentralised conference and music festival, connected by radio. It is a celebration of local culture, with communities connected globally through conversation, sound and music.