Not a Website

*Pamela McLean is responsible for content here*

The screen display and the way you find your way around seems odd at first. This is because it is not a normal website, it is the Federated Wiki.

#Using a laptop or tablet If you are using a laptop or tablet the screen looks unusual because the display is in columns.

#Why use it? We're using it because It has all kinds of hidden "techie magic" behind the scenes. (The techies call it the Federated Wiki.) Later on, when it is more user-friendly, you'll start to see what else it can do. You'll discover what a great place it is for people to work together as a community. The "working together"bit is why we like it (and when more of us are working together we'll have time to find pictures and videos and all kinds of things to make the pages more attractive). - More about the Federated Wiki

#The usual starting point The "Welcome Visitors" page is the usual starting point. If you are using a laptop or tablet then it always sits on the left hand side of your screen. As you click on new links the new pages open up next to each other as new columns across the screen.

#Clearing pages off the screen There are two ways to clear lots of pages off the screen.

One way is to click on the icon at the top of the page, on the left, next to the title. You will be left with only two pages - the one you clicked and the welcome page.

Another way (on some pages, but not all) is to find a link to welcome visitors near the bottom of the page:

That link will normally get you back to the welcome page on its own.

#Welcome and enjoy your explorations There is plenty to find here, just click some links and see what happens. By The Way - The more we use it the sooner it will become user friendly, so please do keep coming back.

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