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#The Name Exponentially Human First a definition: The Cambridge Dictionary definition of exponential (increase) - An exponential rate of increase becomes quicker and quicker as the thing that increases becomes larger. The name Exponentially Human was inspired by a book - Technology Versus Humanity The author Gerd Leonhard talks about: - The exponential growth of technology - The relationships (now and future) between technology - The idea that technology has no ethics If technology takes over more and more things that people have done until now how will that affect what it means to to human? Exponentially Human explores what might happen. Individual human beings can’t develop exponentially the way that technology can. We certainly can’t compete with technology in areas that we have previously thought of as essentially human, but include elements that a computer can do better. This has been demonstrated by computers with Artificial Intelligence beating champion players at chess and go. They are also taking over many other kinds of decision making that until now only highly qualified people could do. Exponentially human plays with the idea of the exponential growth of technology. If the exponential development of technology means that computers (Artificial Intelligence and robots) will take over more and more of the work we used to have to do, it will give us the time and opportunity to become more human, whatever that may mean. Imagine exploring this idea of being human within groups of other people, in an increasingly collaborative and connected way, instead of in the competitive, individualistic, isolated way we so often do things now. We might even start to become so much “more human” that the term “Exponentially human” could begin to have some practical meaning. That’s the idea behind calling the event in 2027 “Exponentially Human”.

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