Introduction to Exponentially Human

This is about an event taking place in September Twenty Twenty-Seven, and how you can get involved.

*Pamela McLean is responsible for content here*

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"Exponentially Human" began as a piece of fiction, but then it started to take on a life of its own "in the real world". As the author of the fiction I decided to make the emerging story more visible here, so that more people can join in and make it increasingly real.

You are invited to look around and find out about the Exponentially Human preferred directions to the future. If you like where we're heading then this can be a starting point for you to create a role for yourself and join this voyage to the future.

There will be more details later, to help you shape a role, so please check back. Meanwhile please explore what is already written.

#Good places to go next: - Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven; To learn more about this mixture of fact and fiction. - XHuman2027 Planning: To get an overview of the planned Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven event - Exponential Leap Publication To discover something to be launched at the party in 2027

#Links to the Present and Future *This section is a work in progress. It is a small collection of links about the future captured partly for their own sake and partly for where else they may lead the reader*

- **Global Catastrophic Risks 2017** Link to Global Challenges Foundation website - **Navigating System Transition in a Volatile Century** Link to P2P Foundation website - **Predicting or Inventing...** Link to Seth Godin Blog

- **Commons Transition and P2P: A Primer** Link to introduction to book and related networks

#The Roots of Exponentially Human *This is where I hope to put links to ideas and initiatives that have influenced the emergence of Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven*

- **Rough work in the meantime** - *I have a jotting space, where I put memory joggers that make sense to me but aren't reader friendly yet. If you can't wait for the tidy list of links you can look at my Rough Links but they are rough - no explanations or tidying up to make them fit for visitors. Rough Links*

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