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The "Exponential Leap" (known as “The Leap” for short) will be a multi-media publication-and-immersive experience. It will be created by the Exponentially Human Network between 2017 and 2027, and will be officially launched and celebrated at the closing party of Exponentially Human 2027.

It will look at a fracture point that occurs between two different global “realities”. One is the past reality of people’s lives as lived in the-past-and-the-present in the time leading up to 2017. The other is the reality of people’s lives as lived in the-present-and-the-future in the time looking forward from 2027.

This fracture point means that by 2027 it will be obvious to (almost) everyone that there is no way to go back to the way things were in 2017, including some of the mindsets and institutional norms of the period.

For some people their experience of The Leap may be compared to the experience of a heavy thunderstorm. In the time building up to the storm there is a heaviness, and darkening, and a physical feeling of pressure. Then the storm finally breaks (and people have different feelings about the experience of violent storms with thunder and lightening). After the storm there is a lightening of that previous physical pressure and a freshness (although irreparable damage may also have been done and will need to be dealt with).

There are many implications of The Leap, and at the XHuman 2027 conference there will be much debate about exactly when it happened or began, how much of it is completed, and how much it is an ongoing process.

After “The Leap” some people will still be in denial, they will be trying to construct a version of reality that fits their view of the past-and-the-present, as if there had been no fracture point. Some people who are “off-grid”, regarding various ways the world works in 2017 and later, will not be so aware of the shifts and fracture point of The Leap although its effects will ripple out to them.

“The Leap” will be developed in such an open and collaborative way that it will have been accessible long before the official launch. But there are benefits in having a deadline. The deadline is the party at the end of the conference. Anything contributed after that may go into volume 2.

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- See Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven for more information about the event and its origins. - See also The Exponential Leap

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